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Even if you have a superb air conditioning and heating system and maintain it perfectly, you’re still wasting A LOT of energy if your insulation is insufficient.

In fact, 25-40% of energy in a typical home is wasted because of leaky ducts and improper insulation. Service Champions can blanket your home with the best insulation solutions – we offer both blown-in and radiant barrier insulation for Northern California homeowners. Did you know insulation protects your HVAC equipment and makes it last longer and perform at peak efficiency?

Would you like a free consultation about your insulation needs and our professional recommendations on improving it?

Attic Insulation in a Northern California home

Why Our Comfort Cloud™ Insulation Solution Is Better

Homes with typical insulation lose money every month on energy – the truth is that most homes could be much better insulated.

Checking Attic Insulation level in a Northern California home
Our Signature Comfort Cloud™ is the solution. It’s specifically designed to maximize both home comfort and energy savings and prolong the life of your existing HVAC equipment

Benefits you can expect:

  • Keep the warm and cold air that you are pumping into your home present for longer. Our attic-access comfort barrier and protective circulation tunnel will properly contain warm and cold air.
  • Help extend the life of your equipment by creating less demand and decreased usage.
  • Save money on your utility bills by allowing you to run your systems less often.
  • Keep your home clean and tidy around the access area to your attic with our no-mess barrier that keeps insulation from falling into your living space.
  • Create a safe attic with our fire barrier around non-IC recessed lighting.
  • Keeps your home comfortable through all seasons!

Which Insulation Option Is Right For You?

R-60 Insulation
Service Champions offers two great insulation solutions for Northern California homeowners. One works to keep the heat or cool inside your home much longer – that’s FIBERCLOUD. The other works to keep heat out of your attic, which keeps your cooling costs much lower – that’s SILVERSHIELD.


Provides superior comfort and protection for ceiling installations, while helping to absorb sound.


When most people think of insulation, they think of the attic and walls. But homeowners should also consider under house insulation. It can add comfort to your home and keep your floors warmer. Service Champions can install the right solution for your home.


In hotter climates, SILVERSHIELD ensures your comfort by deflecting radiation from the sun and preventing it from reaching surfaces inside your attic that leads to greater heat within the attic and the entire house.

There’s a risk-free way to find out what insulation options will work best for your home – reach out to Service Champions for a free home insulation consultation.

What’s The Impact Of Improper Insulation?

Here’s some startling information: according to the California Energy Commission, recent studies have found that more than one-third of new homes have lower levels of insulation installed than specified, while an additional one-fifth have serious installation problems that will significantly decrease the effectiveness of the insulation. Virtually all of the homes studied were found to have numerous installation defects that reduced the performance of the home’s insulation.

That means most homes have insulation issues of some kind, and many of them are seriously deficient when it comes to insulation!


有解决这些problems and that can lower your energy bills, but not all heating and air conditioning companies are equipped to help you.

Insulation Is A “Bad Word”

“Insulation” is like a bad word in our business, as most HVAC contractors never mention it when installing HVAC systems because:

  • It is messy
  • It is labor-intensive
  • It requires a significant capital investment to operate the necessary trucks, machines, and equipment, and train technicians
  • It is not a core service for most HVAC contractors, who may not be aware of its true value and impact on home comfort and energy savings

Our Solutions Can Save You Up To 50% On Energy Costs

Service Champions has the solutions that work, and the trained experts to install your insulation the right way. Why not get a risk-free consultation on your home insulation needs?

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