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Enjoy The Temperature You Want
In The Area You Want It With Zoning!

What Comfort Level Do You Desire?

你想保持不同部分可以吗of your home at different temperatures?

You can have that kind of control when you install a zoning HVAC system. Zoning is perfect if you have family members with different temperature preferences. It is also way to reduce your home’s energy consumption by about 30%.

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Benefits Of Installing A Zoning System

  • Increased Indoor Comfort– Keep each part of your home at the ideal temperature for that area without affecting the other parts of the house.
  • 提高能源效率– An intelligently designed zoning system reduces the energy consumption by 30%.
  • Extended Service Life– Unlike a traditional HVAC system that circulates air throughout the house, a zoning system undergoes less depreciation, and so has a longer life.

Northern California homeowners can get a free, no-obligation consultation on installing zoning systems by contacting Service Champions.

How Zoning Systems Offer Total Comfort Control

A zoning system employs a series of remote-control dampers that allow the system to be fully customized. These systems area also fitted with several thermostats to control the temperature in different rooms of a house.

The thermostats in an HVAC system are directed by the zoning system through dampers which open and close to circulate air and achieve a uniform temperature in every area.

The precise temperature control mechanism of a zoning system eliminates the problem of hot spots and helps in cutting down heating and cooling bills. Every home does not experience the same amount of sun and shade and follows a unique pattern of temperature control, so it makes perfect sense to install a zoning system and maintain a tight control over the energy consumption.

How HVAC Zoning Systems Function

Zoning systems are available in a variety of sizes and styles to address your specific HVAC needs ensuring everyone is your home is comfortable all season long. For homes that span more than 2,000 square feet, a three-zone mechanism makes a perfect fit. Bigger homes with larger windows and spacious floor plans require a zoning system with superior humidity and temperature control.

Zoning systems make an ideal investment for homes that have multiple levels and many unused rooms. If you need an energy-efficient and cost-effective zoning system in Northern California, you can count on Service Champions.

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